Creating Folder in Device using RE Framework

Hi everyone, i want to create a empty folder in my device by using RE Framework.
i have given the path in config file for creating folder, but i don’t know how to create folder with that.

can anyone help me how to do that

Hello @ranaprathap928,

You can use the “Create Folder” activity and provide the variable from your config file.


I suggest to test if the folder is already here before this activity.


Hi @vdarold I’m creating this folder in RE Framework

I think there might be some confusion on what REframework is and how to use it. I’m not sure why you’d be using that framework for this simple of a process, it’s mainly used for transaction based processes as it has built-in error handling, flow states, etc.

However to answer your question, you would open up the ProcessTransaction.xaml (found within the ProcessLayer folder of your project). Then in the ‘Process’ sequence within you can use the “Create Folder” activity that @vdarold mentioned. In the folder name, you should put YourConfigVariable("NameOfVariableInConfig").ToString

YourConfigVariable - this is the dictionary config you create. Change this so it matches your variable/argument name for the config

“NameOfVariableInConfig” - this is the ‘Name’ column within your config file. Change it so it matches that name