Creating Dynamic Excel Sheet Based on a Column


I’m creating a summary sheet based on specific column in datatable (“Status”)

I want to make it dynamic based on the value of the status column

I need to get the value from this column and create a new sheet

Then add new columns

1- Number of transactions

2 - Should add a dynamic column for each Status exist in the status column

In example: status = success , then add a column in summary sheet named (success)

Status =“blablabla”, add a new column in summary sheet

And so on
find The attached File for the process (355.2 KB)

What is your question? Where do you need help?

i need to store the value of the (Status) column in a variable and and add new column based on the value of that variable in example:
col1 / col2/ (status Column)
In Progress

i want to create the new column with the value {Succsess , , , , , } and get the the count of it in a new row
i hope it’s not Confusing for you , Please Check my Workflow
Thanks For the Reply

Hi @Karam_Abulawii !
As you know, we don’t have the same version of Studio x)
So here are the screenshots that will help you:

The query:

BuildDataTable.AsEnumerable().Select(Function(x)  x("Status").ToString()).Distinct().toList()



Let us know if it does not work as expected !

It Worked as expected
great job
best Regards.

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