Creating dropdpwn list for Form from existing Excel with multiple columns

I have current excel

I need to create drop down list with first 2 columns. At the form I need to find “kod” or the other things by typing.
Is there any solution?

Hi! @Basak_Demirel ,

Have you tried input dialogue? if no try like this.

  1. Read the excel by using ReadRange. output as Dt1.
    2.ForEach in DataTable
    row in Dt1 first column by taking one assign activity
    create one variable Gumruk=row(“YourFirstColumnName”).ToString
    4.Read second column by taking one more assign activity
    create one more variable Mal=row(“YourSecondColumnName”).ToString
    5.create one input dialogue.
    Enter Dialogue title
    Enter Input Lable
    Input Type Multiple choice
    Input Options for this check properties inside the options write like this
    Value Entered create one variable as Result

if you wants to ask this for every iteration keep this inside the for each this will ask you for every row.

if this wants to ask only one time. keep this outside the for each


Thank you so much for reply.
I have some questions like if I want to connect this column each other for instance if somebody type into “Mal” the code should be automatically appeared.
Also want to use in SOAP.
Can you help me please

May i know where they will type Mal? by using input dialogue?

so if some one typed by using input dialogue like Tay you need to display the code like 0101. am i correct?


Yes 100% right.
Could I achieve this?