Creating Data Service to Fetch the data from external database

Hi All,

Can anyone guide me to a tutorial on how to create a data service to get the data from external system database. I have created an app in Orchestrator and i have a place holder in my app which should read the data from an application database table and show it in the place holder in the app.

So far all the tutorials / threads while googling are pointing to creating the custom entities and fields in the orchestrator and create a data service to accomplish the job.

Appreciate if anyone could help me getting the right information on how to create a data service pointing to external database.

Thanks in Advance

Hi Harish,

Can you please explain your question a bit more? Are you trying to get data from external system like SQL or Oracle into Data Service, which you will later use in automation? Or are you trying to create an app in UiPath Apps and want to show data in it from external system like SQL or Oracle?

Sorry, your question is a little ambiguous and I need more clarity to help you.

Hi Ankit,

I have created the app in orchestrator and i wanted to retrieve the data in oracle using data services and display that into one of the container in the app.


Hi Harish,

If you simply want to show data in a table in your App, you don’t actually need to use Data Service.

You can use our Database Activities Pack to connect to your Oracle Database and then set the output DataTable of your Query as an OutArgument for your process, which can then be consumed in your App.

Data Service allows you to cache data from external sources or store internal data. If you plan to use Data Service to cache data, it will be a 2 step process -

  1. Step 1 - Write a process using the database activities that syncs data between your Oracle database and the entities you create in Data Service.
  2. Step 2 - Write and import processes that will take data from Data Service and pass it to Apps as an OutArgument.

Direct integration between Apps and Data Service is not available yet and Data Service also doesn’t have the ability to directly sync data from external sources.

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