Creating Custom Rules For Workflow Analyzer

How to develop rules for Workflow Analyzer to handle "Try / Catch" and "Workflow Decisions"?

Custom Workflow Analyzer rules can be integrated with Studio in two ways:

  • at global level by adding the external assembly (.dll) in the Studio install location
  • at project level by installing the custom activities pack.

To build custom rules, the UiPath.Activities.Api package are required from the Official feed. The SDK package must be used as a development dependency in the custom project. Read more about Development Dependencies.

Register a rule with one of the methods explained in the Rules Registration section.
  • Registration Interface Method
  • IRegisterMetadata Method

To develop a rule for "Try / Catch" IActivityModel from the UiPath library should be used. Using the ITrayCatchModel it will get registered at project level and will not validate the Try / Catch activities properly.

To develop a rule for "Flow Decision", FlowChartModel is the one to work with, specifically in the IReadOnlyCollection Nodes at IFlowNodeModel.Expression which is populated for both FlowDecision and FlowSwitch.

Read more on Building Custom Rules .