Creating click on each hyperlink and capturing the detail of the page

some of you can help me create a process that will have to capture the table on this page

(I’m only interested in the names of the cities) and for each city click on the hyperlink (on the name of the city) and capture the information in detail

this is the information to be captured for each city

the result must be reported in an excel sheet which must contain two columns

see example


Hi @Iron_Man_XXX
Check this workflow
sample (3.5 MB)

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Thank a lot.

It’ s clear but I want some details about the way you captured the last part of each URL.
Can you explain this part?

this point is important to me since I will have to use the same logic for a desktop and non-web application. The data are the same but the approach may be different.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Iron_Man_XXX

To get the URL under each city

while datascrapping, please select the city text rather than cell in which the text contains

Check the video for idea

Since the url obtained is relative, i made it absolute by adding the main paramter in naviagte activity as u see it

Mark it as solution if it resolves ur query


Nived N

Happy Automation

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