Creating an issue/question and marking same comment as solution

I’ve seen people that help other people and give them the solution and then they mark their own comment as a solution. I’m like “come one” they helped you and then you mark your own comment as a solution instead of the person that help you. I think that’s a little unfair because they take credit. I know it’s not a race but honestly it feels bad when that happens. What do you guys think?

hi @rmunro

the people who mark “as solution” is the people who created the topic, not the person who provide the solution, and they ask for give them the solution because it can help other people who are looking for the same problem, to find the solution fastly and eficiently.


Yes, I know that but I mean… I’ve seen profiles that all their solutions are their own and even random comments.

Hey @rmunro

I agree… I have seen this same thing and it has happened to me as well. Only thing is we have no control over that… Actually the person who asked the question has to be generous enough to mark the proper comment as the solution… I think the forum moderators can look for those and correct them…

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