Creating a process totally in the background

Dear Guys, I have a question can I develop a workflow to work totally in the background on my host while Im donig another thing on my laptop. I mean can the total workflow works without seeing what the robot is doing??

Hi @Dina.abdelhakam,
There is possibility for this but this depends of specific of your workflow. For example for Click or Type Into activities you can use “simulate click” or “simulate type” parameter which makes them work totally in the background. But there are many other activities which can’t work in background like Image Exist or OCR activities.

Thanks for your answer but my question is can I make a workflow running whatever what he is doing when Iam using the same laptop doing any other thing ??

i think thats not possible.

There is a way to do this but only with unattended robot and orchestrator connected to it. Then you could use robot to run in second terminal session on your computer when you are working on your account in separate session. But there is limitation. By default Windows 10 allows to only one RDP session on computer. You need to have Server Edition.