Creating a loop


I am looking to create a loop in the process where the bot picks up a report that is not marked ‘Final’ in its description. The bot will then run the process until and when finished it will pick up the next report to run the process. Below is a screenshot of what i need it to pick up to begin the loop, there will be loan files that will have more report to run.

Am a little stuck as in how to go about this, can anyone help please?

First you will need a selector for a get text activity and the Description column of some row (also can all lines be deselected?), after you need to see which part of you selector can be dynamic to select other rows.

what do you mean by the lines? With get text am i selecting the row or column, sorry not sure what you mean

Dont you need to check every row for the column Description and do some action of it is not Final?

Yes correct

So the part of the selector that identify the row index is the one you need to make dynamic…

ok so i have indicated on screen but not sure how to make the selector dynamic as you say. Please see below

where you able to get the Description of a row?

Where can i find the description of the row?

If you can use this to get the text from Description it will amaze me to be honest…