Creating a Dictionary where 2 keys are a Tuple of two string values

Having a few issues in creating a variable called ‘dictionaryOrders’

Basically, I want to be able to call upon a value in ‘Address1’ and a value in ‘Address2’ column based on the keys which consist of two columns ‘PartNumber’ and 'OrderID

To get started on this, I’m trying to initialise a variable called dictionaryOrders with the variable type being:

System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary(Of System.Tuple(Of String, String), String)

But it’s just not working, the closest I can get is

System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary<System.Tuple, System.String>

managed to sort it…need to select 'Tuple<T1, T2>

and within the 2 additional drop down boxes, I selected ‘string’

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