Creating a custom input UI in C#/.Net

Hello, after designing my robot I have concluded that I will need a custom input application. I did see that there is an HTML activity on UI Path, but I find it limited. My robot will serve for a billing system, where each client will be billed uniquely due to their corporate requirements (differerent invoice formats for example). My UI will have the user pick a client, and based on that selection, the system will load certain information to the robot. I have a good idea of how to work the front-end, if the user clicks a client, the variables will carry the relevant information to that particular client. How would I pass this from C#/.NET to UIPath?

Is this a custom UI passing to an Unattended Bot?

If yes, since you’re coding in C# anyway, one option would be to pass to a bot through three rest api calls to Orchestrator:

The flow is probably

  1. Authenticate - About OData and References
  2. Add Queue Item with your data - About OData and References
  3. Start a job to process - About OData and References

Or you could just stop at two and have the process scheduled.

I’d say attended. The user will pick a client form the custom menu, and they would enter 2-3 pieces of information. From there, the robot takes over, and makes decisions on which activities to run, based the user choice. By pressing a button, you are imputing about 10 variables worth of information. You could do dialog inputs, but this is asking the for too much user activity.

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