Created library and published into orchestrator

Hi all,

I have created the library and published into orchestrator and how to download it and run on other machines.
Downloading on my system is possible, how others can use the published library…
Please guide me.

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Lakshmi MP


If they need to use the library they need to connect their machines with the same orchestrator in which you published the library

They can able to find the package in the manage packages under Orchestrator Host


Hi @Sudharsan_Ka,

How the third parties can access the library created and published on orchestrator, without accessing their orchestrator.

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You can give them access by creating Groups, Users &Roles If you grant the Permit they can use.

You can download the package from orchetsrator and share the nupkg file to them and that can be imported as package to any other orchestrator or can add them to their own project

If the person is already connected to your orchestrator then he/she should be able to able to see the pckage in their manage packages if they are connected to orchestrator


How to create group, users and roles in orchestrator.


Orchestrator Admin Panel>Accounts & Groups>Click on that there You can find. By selecting Invite user, If multiple Invite users in Bulk.

have you found.