Created folder output variable

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Create folder.
The output variable from create folder is not showing in any dropdowns.
I can call it in advanced editor, Folder_from_Create_Folder

This is the write line output for the Folder_from_Create_Folder

Basically, is the Output variable from the create folder the actual path to reference later in the automation?

No. Look at the datatype. It’s ILocalResource, not String.


After creating a variable for it, you can put it into a Log Message and then type . after it to see the available properties of the ILocalResource datatype:


You can also use the Locals panel during Debug to see the values of all the properties:


Here are the results for my test:

FileSystemLocalItem { CreationDate=[07/07/2022 14:56:34], FullName="testfoldervar", IconUri=null, ID="C:\Temp\testfoldervar", IsFolder=true, IsResolved=true, LastModifiedDate=[07/07/2022 14:56:34], LocalPath="C:\Temp\testfoldervar", Metadata=Dictionary<string, string>(0) { }, MimeType=null }

So later, if you want to get the path, you use folderVar.LocalPath

If you only want the folder name, not the full path, you use folderVar.FullName

This could be useful.

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Hi Paul,

.LocalPath !!! :grinning:

Couldnt figure out where I was going wrong, thanks a million buddy, and greatly explained.

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