Create workflow with code


I’m new to UIPath. Currently going through the tutorials.

I find the graphical method of creating a workflow to be slow and cumbersome. I much prefer to write codes directly. Can someone please point me to resources I can learn how I can skip the graphical interface and write codes directly?

Thank you.

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What do you mean to write codes directly . Do you want to write c#code or any .net codes ?

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Hi @kleemc

use this

@shwin S

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Welcome to the uipath community.

If you want to write any code then use Invoke Code activity and write the code inside.

Thank you for the links provided. I’ll explore further before I ask any follow up questions.

Just to elaborate on my original question - i was thinking that it’s easier to code the entire workflow instead of having to design it via a graphical interface. For example, to create a loop, i had to find the right activity box, click Into it to type the conditions and then to draw draw arrows. That takes a lot more time than writing one single line of code.

I think it would be much easier if we could just code everything in .net or some other platforms and then just do api calls for the necessary functions. Not sure if I’m thinking in the right direction.

HI Kleemc

if you are not interested to do in graphical method (Flow Chart), then you can work with sequences.

For coding you have invoke code.

Hope this will solves your issue