Create Word Documents that correspond excel sheet names

I have an automation where i have a excel workbook with Multiple sheets. I need to create Microsoft word documents that correspond to those sheet names and add information to those sheets. How would i create word documents that correspond to the excel sheets? I have attached a excel with different sheet names. If somebody could respond with a workflow of how to create word files that correspond to the attached excel sheet
boo2.xlsx (11.7 KB)
names that would be great.


Here is the workflow and output. (64.1 KB)

Here I have used the


Thanks for the response i will check it out, is there a way around this without having to have the Brava Word Packages?

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Nice Work Thank You

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How would i make folders corresponding to the excel sheet names and then create a word document inside the folders corresponding to that sheet name? Any Ideas?

Nice method, thank you!

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