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Hey all,

Ok the issue here:
I collect data from a million sources. All this extracted data will be pasted into a program as a log. This input field does support markups.
When pasting the raw data, Bold, or color text wont be included (ofcourse)
The tool does not have a Html input, or does not convert<b></b> , or * into bold or bullet-points (like what does happen in the uipath editor).
What it DOES do, is when you copy/paste text from a html page, it will copy the markup from that page into the input field.

The Solutions (that are not optimal)

  1. Have a process that selects the words or rows into the input field of the program, and press the bold button (for example like in the uipath editor). This is a horrible solution…
  2. Have all data included into a html page with the proper markup, so you make a variable insert into the html page at the right location. Then: Save it to a location, Open the page, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, and Ctrl+V this into the editor.

Unfortunatly option 2 is the best i can think of, but with all the editing that needs to be done it will be a nightmare to create, and even worse to maintain when items will be added, removed or a color needs to be changed.

Is there a simple way to get marked-up text as an output? Maybe some kind of Package that lets you insert variables and markups per inserted item?

Love to hear your thoughts or solutions.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Have you tried using Font Class for styling the text.

Please check -

Karthik Byggari