Create variable dynamically


I’m trying to create variables based on a column name that I read from an excell sheet. Is there any activity or solution to make a variable?


Why do you want to create dynamically… what is your purpose ?
Could you please show some more light. do u know what consistent number of variables you are going to use in your script.
also what will be life of each variable ? how soon you can re-use the same variable for another value.

I have an advice for this… if you read all column names/ titles and collect the count each time. and assign that number into a Variable. Example if you have collected 5 titles and count as 5 then loop 5 times. Inside the loop assign a predefined variable to each column name.

How many times you loop that many different variables will be assigned.

Make sure you make them null once you are done with them and re assign where ever you want.
by this method, all your variables are dynamic and driven by excel.

Hope my inputs are useful. :smile:

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