Create/Update Entity Record is not responsive

Hi, I am developing a new application with UiPath Apps, but I have a problem with high latency in event execution when using “Create/Update Entity Record”.
As you can see from the screenshots, there is a delay of about 8/9 seconds between the execution of the insertion query and the execution of the event.

How can I solve the issue?


@Zanini_Fabio ,

Are you doing anything ese inside query?

@Arvind_Kumar1 thanks for your reply.
I’m just closing the spinner and then call a refresh of the main container.
Just to bring you more details, I tried to call the container refresh before the query and it populates the container immediately with the new record, but it’s not a safe solution because any little delay on inserting can be generate a missing.

@Zanini_Fabio ,

can you please try to move on VB apps?

@Arvind_Kumar1 ,
Unfortunately I have a lot of templates created in Legacy mode, also the VB is missing for the “Custom List” control which I’m using for some useful forms.