Create Unattended Robot

Hi community. How can I change in the Robots section to a unattended robot type? I am using modern folders.Also I have a community version

Hi @Andrei-Alexandru_Cimpoes !
I don’t think that you can change it from the robot section.
This may help:

  • first click on “Tenant” (top right)
  • then click on “Machines” (in the ribbon on the top)
  • chose the machine and click on the right on “more actions”
  • in the license, add 1 to unatteded (and 0 to testing i suppose)

Hi @Hiba_B. To be sure of that I should assign 1 to unatteded for the default machine created automatically or I should create a new standard machine assign 1 to unattended and delete the default workspace created?

You can try both options, it should give you the same result