Create title and pool of checkboxes dynamically

I am writing this post because i’m blocked and i have don’t find something to help me.
Currently, i have a form with a title inside and a pull of checkboxes and i can change it dynamically. But I want to create as many couple of title - pool of checkboxes as i need.

For exemple : I have 3 roles (po, dev, ba) and 5 people per role. And i want to represent it like
Title : PO
Checkboxes : PO1, PO2…
Title2 : DEV
Checkboxes : DEV1, DEV2

(i know it seems weird but it’s just a way for me to be clear :slight_smile: )

Is there a way to generate all of this dynamically ? → It is already filled dynamically with arguments but i haven’t found anything about it created this way

Thank you for reading me and hope someone will find a way to solve this !

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Hey @Yamatendo

Kindly add some screenshots with expected output on forms please…

Will be great clue to understand and provide some demo