Create time trigger with two timings to run the job

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I am trying to create a time based trigger to start a job. The job should run at 8:00 AM and 7:30 PM everyday. I tried cron expression but seems like that might not work. I am not sure, so could anyone help me with this? How to do it in single trigger instead of two for each run ?

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To be very simple create two normal schedules
One for 8:00 and another 7:30

Let’s not complicate with cron expression here
Just two triggers with two timings

As simple as that

Even if you want to create two schedules with CRON
Then for 8:00 AM

0 0 8 ? * * *

For 7:30 PM

0 30 19 ? * * *

Anyhow it requires two different schedules
So rather create with simple schedule

Cheers @NavyaKattikireddy

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Hi @NavyaKattikireddy,

You will need two expressions, please see this link:

You can use the following CRON expressions.

  1. For 8 AM:
0 0 0,8 ? * * *
  1. For 7:30 PM:
0 30 0,19 ? * * *


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schedule to run every 30 min starting from 8AM to 8PM,
and inside you code add a check if current time is 8AM or 7:30PM then run the flow else don’t run just move to end part of flowchart

0 30 8-20 ? * * *

you can store 8AM and 7:30PM in assets for each change/modifications

my way is not at all efficient sorry :confused:

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