Create text files for each row of excel file with dynamic names

Hey guys,
I want to select each row in the excel file. Excel.xlsx (9.3 KB) and create separate (.txt) text file for each row in format. Please do share a solution.

Thank you.

This will do it for you. (9.3 KB)

Reading each row and assigning the values to individual variables.

You can then create a text file for each and using vbNewLine to split the data into the format you need.

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Thanks a lot @ronanpeter
Can these .txt files be zipped using Uipath.

Yes, download this package of actvities to zip the files. Easier to place them in a folder then zip the folder outside the ForEach loop at the very end of the workflow.


Hey, @ronanpeter
Can these (.txt) files be stored in a new folder of our choice.

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Here you are, the files placed in their own folder - the folder then zipped at the end.

Ensure you import the following namespace to your imports to allow the code to work: (9.7 KB)


Thanks a lot @ronanpeter. It works fine.

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