Create Pivot in a new sheet

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I want to create a process I have a table and make a pivot out of it. I already know that I have to transform it into the table format and use the “Create Pivot Table” activity. My concern is that I want to create the pivot in a new sheet because the original sheet has to stay in the way it is with no extra data. So how is it possible to create a pivot with the data of Sheet1 in Sheet2?
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Hello @achalisma,

Kindly refer below mentioned link for create pivot table in sheet2.

Link : How to do - MS SQL C# Excel Access: C# - Excel - how to create Excel File with Pivot Table programmatically.

In the above link ,the code is given WindowsForm code format. You can use the same and try to write as an console code and this will help you to achieve your goal.

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Sadly I am not allowed to do further coding :confused:

Thanks for your reply. In the video he showed how to create a pivot table but still does it on the same sheet where the data is :confused:

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