Create package which is possible to do drag and drop within it

I was checking how to create a package for my self all videos was talking about sum 2 number o ‘Hello user’.

I was trying to find the way how can a package be created with possibility to add my other activity.
For example in sequence, for each, if else, open browser that all of these have the plus sign to place activities within them.

Hi @Luciano_Gjinaj06
You could create libraries and use them inside your workflow as activities.

hi @sangeethaneelavannan1 I want to create an activity like if
which have this option to add other activity

How to Create Activities.

I know how to create a packed

but what i want to learn is how to do the packed with “Drop Activity Here”
like if else
this sign in my packed

I didn’t see the scope button everything is just fine now thank you @sangeethaneelavannan1 .

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