Create or search folder in Gmail using Gsuite scope

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are doing well. I am trying to do one design, where I will read all of amy gmail messages, and based on certain condition I will move them to certain labels or folder. If the folder is not vailable I will create the folder and then move. I tried to use Gmail scope but not able to do so. But I can access the gmail use Gsuit scope, but not able to design what am I thinking, is there any way you can suggest.


Hello @learning_sourav I would like to help you, I just have one question, it is not an option to create the folder manually and then move mail by Uipath

Thanks for the help. I did not find any other way to create label in Gmail. If any other way around there that would be much helpful.

Using Gmail scope I am able to craete label in Gmail now using create lable. Thank you.

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