Create multiple thread or instances of a process and run simltaneously

I created a process of screen scraping. I want to create multiple instances or threads of the process and run concurrently. Is it possible to do so with or without Orchestrator?

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You mean want to run the same process in multiple BOT machines at the same time ?

@lakshman ,
I want to run multiple instances of a process at the same time. is it possible with single bot or do I need multiple bots for that?


If your process need to interact with GUI then multiple BOT instances required.

And also do you have Orchestrator or not ?

@Gopalakrishnan_K You can use multibot architecture for this . But only concern you have to check the end application accepts and works on multiuser

If you just want to run on multiple instances it needs Multiple bots as per my knowledge

I do have Orchestrator.


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If you are not interacting with GUI and want to run multiple instances on same machine using multiple robots then we can do it with BACKGROUND PROCESS

The Background Process is a template for creating processes that can run in parallel on the same Robot, together with one foreground process.

And if you want you to interact with gui and perform multiple instances then it requires concurrent runtime licenses in a high density robot environment

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It’s good. Split the process into two parts as Dispatcher and Performer

Dispatcher - Scrape the data from the application and it to the Queue. One BOT is sufficient here.

Performer - Read one by one item from Orchestrator queue and process the transaction. Here, Multiple BOTs required.

If I divide my task and assign it to multiple bots (so that the sub-tasks will be done in parallel), Is it possible using the background process. If yes, how can it be done? Can you share any videos regarding the same.

You can use the Run Parallel Process activity in your background processes to start other processes, based on triggers you need. Processes started by this activity run independently. For example, a background process which monitors particular actions can start a new process (foreground or background) and continue to monitor the specific action without being interrupted. A background process loaded by this activity starts right away, even if a foreground and one or more background processes are already running.

Background process is fine but UIAutomation activities should not be used in these project types. Multiple such processes can simultaneously run on a machine, even if a foreground process is already running.

And here you go on how to do it