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I’ve read documentation on the Microsoft Teams and Office 365 scope and it does not appear to have the ability to add Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business to a meeting invite. Here’s the documentation and let me know if I’m missing something.

Is there a way to automate creation of meeting URLs to an invite? I am creating invites but the invites need to have Microsoft Teams links added to the invites. Please advise.

Thank you.

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I have a few updates. I found what I was looking for.

Create online meetings ie Microsoft Teams URLs via API documentation is here:

Using this in UiPath is here:

However, once I generate a User Access Token, the same token fails to authenticate in UiPath, but when I do the same in Postman, it works fine, which leads me to believe it’s a matter of headers/parameters. Not sure what I’m missing but continuing to troubleshoot. So far I can use the HTTP activity in UiPath to generate the bearer token but passing this token through for the next POST call, I keep getting 401 error. And yes, passing the token takes a bit of string manipulation.

For troubleshooting, I generated the token in Postman and passed the token through the POST create online meeting call and it fails but works in Postman. If you have observed anything different, please let me know.

This issue is solved overall.

Here’s how you populate the UiPath HTTP activity for MS Teams Create onlinemeeting (for beta and v1.0)

It does matter the order of the headers.

While I did figure this out, it wasn’t intuitive given the token needed to be left blank for me.

Compare to how this same request is populated is on Postman:

MS Teams API 5

Here’s the version of UiPath Community I’m using for this troubleshooting:
MS Teams API 6

Still running to ensure stability.

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