Create form task drop down and text area are not working

Hi everyone,

I am currently stuck in a problem. So I have to use the form designer in Create Form Task in order to create a form on orchestrator. I am trying to do as follows: click on an option on a drop-down, and a different value will appear in the text area before. I have tried everything. I tried putting a logics in the text area for the value to appear when a particular option is selected (it did not even show up on the form), and I tried for each value box, to appear when the option is selected from the drop-down. This kind of work but I wanted to pick a previous option, I would have to refresh the page as it would not appear. The logic part worked on a normal create form activity, I just don’t understand why it does not work on Orchestrator. Please let me know of any advice. Thank you

Hi @ktanli,
Can you show me example of what you have so it will be more clear to me?

Hi Pablito, it looks something like this:

This was the logic is inserted:

The problem is something is supposed to appear in the text area, and it is not appearing. But when I did it on a regular form, it seems to work.

I know who could help here :slight_smile:

@paras.gera can you help here?

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Javascript is not available in form tasks as of now. We are working on it to enable it. Will post back here once it is available.

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JavaScript is now available to use in cloud in ActionCenter.
Please refer to the following announcement and search for JavaScript. You’ll also get an example workflow with it.