Create Form task and get reference & wait for form task and resume in different jobs

I have 2 workflows.
Workflow 1: A long-running workflows which start workflow 2 and continues execution when workflow 2 is finished.
Workflow 2: A normal workflow executing some work, receiving input from workflow 1 and returning output to workflow 1.

I am trying to create a form task based on information gathered in workflow 2 (create-form-task-and-get-reference-activity). This information includes some base64 encoded images. As workflow 2 is a normal workflow I cannot use the wait-for-form-task-and-resume-activity in this workflow and I have tried 2 approaches to overcome this issue:

Approach 1:
Return a datable with all information so workflow 1 will use the create-form-tasks-and-get-reference-activity and will also use the wait-for-form-task-and-resume-activity.

  • seems the most elegant solution in my opinion, but will not work as multiple base64 encoded images will be large exceeding the 10.000 char limit for api calls. (About Input and Output Arguments - section Orchestrator API)

Approach 2:
Use the create-form-task-and-get-reference-activity in workflow 2 & return the references to workflow 1 so I can use the wait-for-form-task-and-resume-activity in workflow 1.

  • Apparently the FormTaskReference also includes all parameters, including the base64 image which results in the same issue exceeding the 10.000 char limit for api calls.

My questions:

  • Is there an activity that will just get the reference of a form-task based on the formTaskId?
  • Is there another approach that will work?
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