Create folder with email Displayname and Received Time

I will receive many mails with attachments. I need to download all the attachments and save it in one folder. The folder name should contain “Displayname and received Time” of the mail.The folder name should look like this. “Example: Displayname - HH.MM.SS”.
Now the bot is saving all the attchments in the folder containing display name but without mail received time info.

I have given: “Pathlink”+“"+mail.From.DisplayName+”-"+“What to mention in this”

Please help me in this.

Hi @Kailash_Kumar

I think you need to place this mail.Headers(“Date”)


I checked with this before itself but its not working. Can you help me in anyother way?

Is it not working of the format is not the one you want?

I already used this script but it is showing validation error.