Create Folder: The given path's format is not supported

Hey guys, I’m having trouble creating folder. My assignment is to create folder based on excel data. However, the errors given: Create Folder: The given path’s format is not supported. I already change towards any path but same error occurs. Can refer image below:



@Aldrin_Pro - What is the value in your Row(0).string…It is has any illegal characterd that’s not supported by folder path (For Ex: , : ’ " etc etc) then you will get this error…

To find out , for testing purpose just try row(0).tostring.substring(0,2)…to see if this is working…if yes then you have some characters on your excel file as mentioned above…

Oh, it might be it, I will try to re-format the excel, will let you know

hey thanks man, its correct, apparently, the data inside excel contain numbers and “-”. I have reformatted and its work now. Thanks

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