Create Folder precheck?


lets go one by one

PATH EXISTS is usually used when someone wants to validate whether a folder exists or not before creating it and it is applicable for both files and folders as well. And it depends on scenario, say for example if someone wants to fetch a file from folder once after that file is downloaded but would like to validate whther the file is there or not, there comes PATH EXISTS

or if someone wants to see if folder exists first or if not will need to send a mail or need to log that as a log message, then a boolean value is needed which is given only with PATH EXISTS activity

and for continuous on error, usually it has to be used if you are not surrounding the activity within TRY CATCH to ensure that bot executes fine even if that CREATE FOLDER Activity fails
and it would fail in case like suddenly your access to create a new folder is denied in the folder structure where you are trying. Then bot will throw an error and it makes a difference there on checking that option

Cheers @atomic

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