Create External Task

Hi All,

I working on long running workflow.
I need to know that how and when Create External Task activity useful.
If anyone have idea on it kindly share sample workflow or document.


Thanks in advance

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I have been looking at this as well. Whilst I can understand how to use the Create External Task to create a task in Orchestrator with an external system tag and relevant Task Data, I cannot understand how to then access that task externally and access the task data to use it. The API docs indicate how you can extract the Task meta data based on ID (or other filter) but not how to access the TaskData.

The way I look at it there is no real difference between creating an external task and creating a queue item for interacting externally. Except I know how to use the API to get a queue item and its data for an external process step and create a new queue item for any response from the external system and then having a trigger on a queue to start a job when the new item is created.

That said, I like the concept of being able to have a robot create the external task and wait for the external system to complete a step and then have the same robot resume, potentially with additional task data passed back in before the task is completed.