Create Exe of xaml file


I want to create an exe of my XAML file and want to run in the environment that does not have Ui Path installed?
I just give a double click to my XAML and it starts working like we have it in .net framework…that u create an exe and it runs everywhere…is it possible in ui path too?

Is it Possible…if yes…then how??

Many Thanks,

To my understanding you need to have UiPath installed, as the xaml file is just a xml type workflow file that serves as input. The core functionality is within the software itself.

as far as i know .xaml files can only be ‘run’ by the UiPath robot service (search for robot.exe in your computer). you can install just the robot service onto a separate machine and run a .xaml file using the robot and a command line, see below for help on how to do this: