Create .exe file of .xmal file

Hello All,
Is it possible to create a .exe file of UiPath document? I want to give my code to my colleague who doesn’t have UiPath.

Can we run UiPath automation without UiPath? Like create a .exe file



No You cannot create a .exe…if he does not have studio…atleast he needs to have a ui robot installed for it to work

and from uirobot .nupkg can be triggered …and also after installign license needs to be provided


Can you help me with UiRobot? is it like creating .bat file?


You cannot create a standalone .exe file directly from a UiPath workflow that can run independently without UiPath’s runtime components.


No …It is again a installation that you get from the same msi file which you would have installed studio…there would be two types…either studio or robot can be installed…and licenses can be provided accordingly


Ok I found online people using this


But i dont have UiRobot.exe in my folder. How do i install it?


You can open the msi again and now install the robot …ideally you shold have in the same one…

did you happen to find the folder?

if you dont find also…as said…please open msi file and install robot only instead of studio…but even after installing you still need license to be allocated to it


found it thanks. If i typed UiRobot.exe it was not coming but when i searched the folder i found it. Thanks. @Anil_G

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