Create excel with date and time

hi i am new to automation.
i need to create an excel file with current date and time.

Use now.tostring(“ddMmyyyy hhmmss”).xlsx

Use write range activity
Pass the folder path and in Now().ToString()

For example
"D:/Arivu/output folder/"+Now.ToString()+".xlsx"


With system date time configuration it may addd special charc in path☺️
So “c:\temp”+now.tostring(“ddMMyyyy hhmmss”)+".xlsx"
Is good


hi @rahatadi
the command is working but the name is appearing like this
“5 RTO, KOTTAYAM121142019 011403.xlsx”

the time appearing is ok.
but you look the date 121142019, it shows an error. date should be 12012019.

can u do anything to clear this

Ohh…i just missed one thing change mm to MM
MM month
mm minute time

Try one if not work just swap mm to MM​:blush::+1:

thanks manh its working…


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