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Dear Forum Members,

I have designed a workflow for data extraction(Customer reviews for any product) from an e-commerce website using Data Scraping. So when user inputs any product name so the browser should go to the customer reviews page like:

Above is the sample URL but this is for a specific product, is it possible to make the url dynamic. I tried to search for a pattern but could not find it.

So, is it possible to achieve it. If yes then how. Please help with this. Thanks in advance.

Hi @dimple.khurana,
Everything relies on webpage to which you want route you user. I think that generating url is not an ideal way to present it. I see two ways by which you could achieve it.

  1. Based on data scraped from page save links to each of scrapped item. Then based on key word provided by user give him link which fits the most (regex or ai needs to be used here).
  2. Base on what user is looking for create process which will take the term and will search it on desired page for user then present to user the result page.

Hi @Pablito,

Thanks for your response. I also could not make the URL dynamic as there was not a particular pattern.

I will try with these options. Thanks

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