Create different sequence for each client?

Hi guys, i’m trying to automate a billing process, but the process looks quite different for each client. can i create different sequence/flowchart for each client, and when i enter the client name it would go to the specific sequence? please let me know how to make that possible, thanks


Yes you can use a switch case for it and switch to each sequence depending on the client name



This is one of those times where I’d say lets look at the process and see if it can be improved. Different for each client? That doesn’t seem efficient.

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Hello @Ying_Zhu

Here all the steps are different or only a few steps are changing? Also whats the total number of clients on the list?

The best option will be to identify similar steps for all the clients and use the same for all the clients if there is any change in any steps, you can use a Switch Case activity and pass the client name. For each client name, you have to create the case with the required steps.

Also if multiple clients are having same kind of steps and then group them to single process.


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Hi Rahul,
Thanks for your suggestions, really helpful. Yeah i guess the start and end parts of the process are quite similar for each client, only when I enter invoice details and shipto/remit to address parts are different in the system. right now only 3 clients are on the list.

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Then you can go with Switch Case activity.


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