Create datatable from queue items

Hi all,

need a help on below scenario

I want to convert ienumerable of queueitem to datatable. not using for each row as i may have 50000 items in queue.

Thanks in Advance

Hi @meghana1929 ,

Could you check the below post which also talks about the case similar to yours, Let us know if the below post was helpful.

Hi @supermanPunch ,

i tried above solution, but it is showing JArray is not declared. could you please help on this.


add the following namespaces to the imports:

Hi @ppr ,

Thank you it worked.
By this i am getting the only specific data contents, Can we also get the data under " Output Data" fields?

Thank you in Advance

Yes we can rework / extend it.

But we would recommend to more specify the targeted output needs. Maybe out of the box functionalities can also serve e.g. Export call via API…

@ppr, Sure will look into API as well, can you please help me to extend this code to get the output data fields data as well.

Thank You