Create Datarow from Datatable contain spasific string

Dear all,

am trying to Create Data row from Datatable with condation that the datatable contain spasific string
can someone please support i recived this error

WorkflowDataRow is Datarow
in_workflow_DT is Datatable
in_Ticket_ID is string


One thing, if this ID field is numeric, than you cannot use the ' or it will never find it… In your case the error is because you had no results from your Select method, so calling the First Function on it, will cause the exception.

ID field is ID 43018 for example , you mention that i can not use the ' or it will never find it
can you please support and correct the code should be like this
in_workflow_DT.Select("Request ID = " + in_Ticket_ID + “'”).First()
Thanks a lot

your code would be fine just dont surround the in_ticket_id variable with the '

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