Create data table from word document

  1. The point by which Annelida advanced over Nematoda is
    a) True coelom b) Metameric segmentation
    c) Closed circulation d) All of the above
  2. A transverse section of Pheretima taken through the 10th segment is observed in microscope. Which of the following structures can be observed in the section?
    a) Stomach, dorsal blood vessel, ventral blood vessel, supraoesophageal vessel, anterior loops, ring vessel and micronephridia
    b) Stomach, dorsal blood vessel, ventral blood vessel, lateral hearts, ring vessels and pharyngeal nephridia
    c) Intestine, dorsal blood vessel, ventral blood vessel, supraoesophageal vessel and septal nephridia
    d) Stomach, dorsal blood vessel, sub-neural blood vessel and lateral hearts
  3. Sycon belongs to a group of animals which are best described as
    a) Multicellular with a gastrovascular system
    b) Multicellular having tissue organization, but no body cavity
    c) Unicellular or acellular
    d) Multicellular without any tissue organization
  4. In which one of the following the genus name, its two characters and its class/phylum are correctly matched?
    Genus Two characters Class/phylum
    a) Salamandra : (i) A tympanum Amphibia
    represents ear
    (ii) Fertilization
    is external
    b) Pteropus: (i) Skin possesses Mammalia
    (ii) Oviparous
    c) Aurelia: (i) Cnidoblast Coelenterata
    (ii) Organ level
    of organization
    d) Ascaris: (i) Body Annelida
    (ii) Males and
    females distinct
  5. In forg’s heart, there are muscular ridges which consist of fibers called
    a) Purkinje fibres b) Myonemes c) Telodendria d) Columnae carnae
  6. In the given diagram, what does ‘A’ represent?
    a) Heart b) Lateral vessel c) Ventral vessel d) Dorsal vessel

Hi all, We need to create a structured datatable from above type word document. how can we do this through UIpath.

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