Create data grid in action center with Uipath App

Thanks in Advance,As we can create action center with app Thank you in advance. I need to create a data grid within an app and have it reflected in the Action Center. Where can I get the input, and how should I link it to the app? Also, I noticed that there’s no option to take input directly from the data service.

@Vishal_Kalra @Harika_Mudiam @udit.chandna

@Pratiksha_Mahajan : The entity variable needs to be added via Query Builder now. PFA the screenshot for the same. This will populate the data and it should also reflect in the action center.


Thanks for your reply,
I am building the Action Center with the UiPath App and getting input from the Data Service But getting below error while submitting the actions.

And having below error while Assigning an action.

@Pratiksha_Mahajan ,

are you passing all the required input value?

I am passing the app name to which the data service entity is already connected and it is taken from the app