Create custom HTML email based on country?

Hi experts,

I need some help in creating a custom html email, that display certain information based on where the user is located.
Example: user is based on Argentina, so the email will show the support contact phone number in Argentina.

Also the source of information is an excel sheet, where it shows the customer information, so I want to include a table on the email that shows all customer related details and send the file through outlook.

Any suggestion?

The question is what infos about a person do you have.
Then basing on other info you can use if-else decisions.

Hi Andres,

What are you using to build out the e-mail template?

One solution is to use the robot going through the user interface. If you know where the customer is then, wherever you are building out your html template, have that stored in, for example, a ‘Type Into’ activity. the ‘Type Into’ activity should type into the place where you are building out the template. That way you can pass variables to it such as relevant information based on the location of the user. Of course, you may have to pair this with conditional logic but that part should be easy.