'Create Another' checkbox not appear for high density robot

I changed the settings ‘LoginToConsole’ to false and restarted ‘UiPath robot’ service in all users’ services. Even then , I could not see ‘Create Another’ checkbox option in orchestrator page while configuring robots ? Please suggest the way to resolve this error.
My virtual machine has capability to login 10 users at a time and I’m trying to configure 3 robots with same key on same machine.

What is your Orchestrator Version?

Using orchestrator 2017.1

Check this value in Config file, should be true. Yours must be false.

<add key="Robots.HighDensity.Enabled" value="true"/>
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thanks worked. I could not see much benefits with high density robot feature if virtual machine already has a capacity for multiple logins. Could you please provide exact usage of this feature ? Thanks in advance.