Create and Delete Outlook Folders in the non-default account

How can I create a Folder in an outlook account that is not my users’ default account? I also want to be able to check to see if a folder has been created already.

I got ‘CreateOutlookFolder’ from UiPath Go, but I don’t know how to make it work on any other account than the default users account.

@ernest - in the properties of the Get Outlook Mail Message, there is an Input called “Account”. Indicate the account here.

Reading email from multiple accounts is easy. As you suggest, there is an input called “account”. However, there is no Activity (v2018.4) that allows for the creation/manipulation of folders within an Outlook Account.

The Move Email activity for Outlook does allow for another account to be defined. And I’ve moved emails among predefined folders easily enough. But if a folder does not exist it faults.

I found ‘Create Outlook Folder’ from UiPath Go. Bust this only appears to work with the default data store. Not another account.

To be specific,
I want to create an ‘Archive’ folder if one does not already exist for the shared account ‘’
Under ‘Archive’ I want to create a folder by year_month. i.e. ‘2019_August’ if one does not already exist.

Did you find a solution for this? There’s a nice solution in the linked thread for creating new folders, but it only appears to work from the default account. I’m trying to create folders under Inbox for a second account in the profile.
Tagging @vvaidya and @Uemoe in case they are able to help.