Create an exact copy of file hierarchy from an online drive to personal system

Hi all,
Im a noob robo maker.

I have a task that I am not exactly sure can be automated, so reaching out to you guys.

I will have to make a robot that logs into a shared drive hosted online using proper credentials (This is a part I can accomplish myself).
After logging in, the robot should scan the folder hierarchy of the drive and copy the contents into my own system in the same hierarchy as online.The limitation is that you cant copy folders as a whole, only files can be downloaded, that too one by one.
Furthermore, it should also perform daily scans and check for new files uploaded into the shared drive and copy those too.

Since I have no idea on how to accomplish this, I have not tried anything as of now.
Any leads or ideas will be useful. Thanks in advance :smiley:

Hi @subhro97

it could definitely be done and all building blocks should already be well explained on the forum :slight_smile:

If you are very new to UiPath in general, please go through the Academy to learn the basics.

If you do have some knowledge already, I would suggest you to try and draw the process logic. This to consider:

  1. Efficient way to map and save your folder structure. This could be simply done by recursively browsing the entire tree on the website or finding a quick hack (i.e. a way to export the current tree altogether via API or other means)
  2. Processing folders with Studio (here UiPath Forum will help for sure, mainly on how to list directories/files and how to create them)
  3. Finding a way of comparing files to be sure that if two files exist, they are the same/differ and what to do then. This could be done via modification date (if available both on website and your hard drive) and/or downloading each file to a temp location and then comparing.
  4. Looping the entire process with proper error handling (you need to know if the process breaks half way and it’s status).

Providing more information might incline someone to tackle this one. Some users like challenging processes, it helps them learn themselves :slight_smile: