Create an entity record for all the selected rows of a custom list

Hello Uipath,

I have created an Entity called PBIX_Files, and binded it to a custom list control with checkbox. Which has FileName, FilePath, IsSelected( default value is false)

I have created another entity record , Temp_Files with the same fields as the PBIX_Files, but the entity doesnt have any records.
I want to add entity records for all the selected rows of the custom list. So i have created a rule in the Checkbox control to “Create or Update Entity”.

New records are created, but the checkbox value is set to default(False) after selecting it.
Please help me to fix this.

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Hi @anit.michael, it sounds like what you’re looking for here is a bulk create/update rule, which we have on our roadmap. Unfortunately this isn’t possible natively in Apps today, but you could do this through the aid of a process by sending the CustomList’s data to it.

Hello @evan.cohen , Thank you for the response.

Actually I am not looking for a bulk create or update rule, so basically every time the checkbox is selected, that particular row is added as a record in the “Temp Entity”. The problem i am facing now is, immediately after selecting the checkbox it deselects by its on. But the record will be created in the “Temp Entity”.
I have created the create or update entity rule in the event section of the checkbox. I can check the checkbox, and the record will be added to the selected entity, but it the checkbox unchecks by itself.:frowning:

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Are you refreshing the Custom list after saving data into temp list?

Please check once.


Hey @Arvind_Kumar1 ,

No I am not refreshing the custom list. I havent added any rule in custom list as well. but i guess it gets refreshed after clicking the checkbox. Not just checkbox, if i add any rule in DatePicker too, its the same, the selected date will be cleared after selecting it.

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