Create AD User - There is a naming violation

Good morning,

I’m trying to test Active Directory activities, I’ve started with user creation but it throws me an error indicating that there is a naming violation. Normally, this error appears in our system when we try to create a user that already exists but this is not the case, I checked that there is not any user with this name in our AD. I’m not sure at all about hot to fill “CommonName”, “SAMAccountName” and the “Properties” data table so I suppose I’m doing something wrong on those fields. Can you help me with it?

I’ve solved it. I was using a “Get Object Distinguished Name” to take my Distinguished Name and using it as “Location” on the “Create User” step instead of adding only the Distinguished Name of the folder, so it was not able to create a new user inside my user.

It works OK by using the Distinguished Name of the folder:


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