Create a variable to store the week of the month - want to create a condition?


I am sending emails to users who have not completed online training. They have two emails to send to.
One is their personal email, the other is the corporate email.
I can send as many email reminders to their corporate email without the inbox thinking it is spam.

I have to send to the alternative personal email as well but I can only send up to 2000 a week.

Is there a way I can create a condition in which the bot creates a week and detects whether that threshold has been hit. If it’s hit 2000 emails already, then don’t send any more?

Hi @ajeffers

one way is that ,You can have the Value in Asset and update the Asset for every run by using Set Asset Activity and read the value of the asset for each run.

Set Asset (

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Hi @ajeffers,

I haven’t tested this but it could be for 24 hours rather than weekly. You can check this by creating an int asset and increasing it like count.
When it is 2000, you will set the should stop activity to true and you will finish the process.

I am also sharing a link, I don’t know which mail server you are using but I think they are similar.

One of my untested suggestions is that you can standardize minor changes in the mail template to avoid spam.

You can test sending mail from a group mailing address, not an email address. The source says that this way you can get more mail limits. need to test :slight_smile:


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