Create a report in excel inside for loop

Hi,In previous I have done.I have input excel file after processing all record in for loop then it move outside fir loop and create new report As mention in attachment

.Now I want when the record is process inside for create new sheet and insert data in this sheet for each and every record.

if you want this to create a new sheet for every loop just make sheet name as variable and move this excel application scope to inside for loop, and make sure you update the sheet name variable name always(for each loop).

thanks for reply sheet create only one time and insert data one by one in excel file.
eg I have 10 records in for loop
it create new excel sheet.Now for loop process 1st record after process complete. this will add record in newly created sheet.Then move to second record after process it will add second record in newly existing excel on…
Hope you understand my requirement if not let me know

Then use write cell activity outside loop and just write the header’s and then use append range activity inside for loop.


When you move excel scope into the loop:

  1. The “Sheet1” will be created only in first time if robot cannot found it in excel file. In next loop, it won’t create anymore
  2. You must update Cell variable for each loop to append data to the end of sheet